Do You Need Protection from Anti-virus???

Yep that’s right, Anti-virus. It’s not a typo and I don’t mean protecting yourself from viruses either. According to a post on Google’s Online Security Blog, fake anti-virus scams are becoming a big threat.

What does that mean? These are programs that give you a “warning” that your computer has been infected with a virus and “click here” to remove it/install an anti-virus program to get rid of it. Instead of getting rid of it you’re now infected and there goes all your personal information. Or your computer is now a zombie and part of a huge network of hacked computer being used for nefarious purposes. Yikes!

You can check out the Google Blog post here. It’s a sneak peak of a more complete study that they’ll be releasing soon.

But what can you do to make sure you’re safe? Install a legitimate Anti-virus program to start. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend big bucks on McAfee or Symantec either. If you don’t already have Anti-virus software (shame on you! or you have a Mac) then pop over to Every year they review the top Anti-virus programs and give recommendations. And every year (that I’ve read their review) at least one of the top 3 is a free program.

And keep in mind that your Anti-virus program isn’t worth a grain of salt if you don’t keep it up-to-date.


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